• Himalayas


    I grew up traveling places and I am grateful with the sights and people I see. The excruciating jet lags and corporate life become inferior whenever I am jaunting.

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  • Beach


  • Sunset


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As it puts food on the table, adds savings to travel fund.


Be aware and stay informed of the occurrences on foreign land. Respect culture and history, make memories and bond with the locals.


Make every moment enjoyable. Spend more time reaching different places and fill up those bucket lists. The world is your playground.

Could there anything be more awesome than jaunting?

Travelers usually go to amusement parks, wander comfortably in an air-conditioned mall, or just take a selfie behind a StarBucks logo.

But I don't.

Before I collect game titles, gadgets and get internally soaked in technology.

But that was just a phase, and my bucket list(s) gradually materialized.

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the world is my playground
First I was a slug I was petrified, I kept walking on a snail jogging through molasses.

Looking forward for more.

I work eight hours in the monitor, have a drink with friends, enjoy watching concerts and going to beaches.

This site will reveal all my jaunting proclivities, particularly the architectural temples of Asia. I am also reviewing in tripadvisor, if there's any place that looks enticing, I'd be sure to capture those memories.